Suggestion: Enhance usability of loadouts (class-specific templates, copy/import gear/spells across classes, remove unwanted templates)

As I am currently thinking about cumbersome stuff in PQ3, here is another suggestion to enhance the existing ideas in terms of usability: I really like to utilize different Loadouts, but it is a hassle to create and maintain them. Thus, you spend too much time on something, which should be designed to support you and save time.

Currently, each hero starts with Loadout 1 as active loadout and has a total of 8 (7 of those unused but existing) configurations. Once the player selects a previously unused loadout, the currently equipped items/spells are copied to this new loadout. As there is no option to “forget” thus a configuration, you have to manually unequip everything but still cannot use the clone to new loadout “feature”. Also, if you change something in one loadout, a second one (e.g., with just different spells) needs to be updated / maintained in parallel.

The following change motivates a different approach:

  • Each class starts with one “Standard” layout slot. That’s it. :slight_smile:
  • Add, Remove and Rename buttons are available to create class-specific templates (available to all heroes of the same class).
  • You can use a Copy button to import gear/spells from any template (not only from your own class) to the currently used template. If the classes are not equal, class-specific spells are discarded and the slots are empty. Otherwise, everything is imported.

So, what are the benefits?

  1. You can reuse templates from your main hero when replaying the same class (for example, because you like the male/female version) without redoing the templates you carefully created before.
  2. Your list of loadouts is clean, moving from 8 (meaning: usually 5-7 unused) to the exact amount of templates you need.
  3. Once you modify your “base” template, for example making changes to your sets, you can import the changes easily to a “situational” template, which uses different spells with the same gear.
  4. When a new class is added, you can copy an existing template to start your new class with. For example: If you decide to go for green, copy from shaman and adjust afterwards; if you decide that red is the way to go, shamelessly clone the berserker template and start from there, etc.

What do you think?


Just as a reminder: we now have more Loadouts since the last patch, but we cannot even “delete” a loadout and thus copy gear/spells from one Loadout to another efficiently.

After the Gear / Spell Rework, I removed tons of outdated gear and salvaged it, leaving several loadouts with missing pieces (note: on purpose). I wanted to rearrange the Loadouts and move to other Sets / Spells and ended up un-equipping everything (except Spells and Weapon, as this is forbidden), renaming loadouts to “Loadout XX” to mark it as unused or manually adding new sets of items again. Which is really painful.

Please do consider a QoL change here.

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