Suggestion: Necro's Ultimate shouldn't be able to hamper themselves

If you fire off a Paladin’s Ultimate… and his yellow shield tiles overwrite other yellow tiles… that’s not a big deal. His shields provide extra defense for just existing, and odds are that you have some way of breaking ONE of the ones that were created out there (if you needed to).

Same story for most ultimates. EXCEPT the Necromancers –

If you fire off the Necro’s ultimate, his death gems have the ability to overwrite skulls, which is directly against the aim of what a necromancer is trying to do in this situation. The only job of a skull gem is to take up space on the board, and eventually be destroyed (by being clicked on), spawning additional skulls… which do nothing except for damage the opponent. Don’t get me wrong… making skulls is nice, but when the ability’s purpose is to help MAKE skulls, and it overwrites them in the process, it reduces the overall effect.

My suggestion is to merely rewrite the ability so that when it is cast, it CANNOT overwrite skulls (i.e. only targets colored gems). It would be different if having the skull gems out there had any beneficial affect for just existing, but they don’t, and so removing/overwriting the very thing you’re trying to make more of is counter-intuitive.

Thank you for your time.