[MORE INFO NEEDED] Gravedigger can create skulls on top of skulls

I just noticed that when I cast grave digger, one of the 4 skulls it put on the board was where a skull already was, resulting in a net gain of 3 skulls on the board. There were plenty of other locations available for a fourth skull.

This is infrequent, but to be honest, I usually don’t pay attention as the spell animates. I’m sure I’ll notice it more now that it’s caught my attention.

I’m guessing the random choice of where to put the 4 skulls ignores pre existing skull locations.

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Hi Scott, I tried to reproduce this issue but had no luck. The skulls appeared in non-skull slots on the board.

Have you noticed this only happens when there’s already a lot of skulls or heroic gems already on the board?

Next time this happens could you please tell me the time/day it happened and your namecode? (this can be found in the bottom of the in game settings menu). I might be able to get more specific information about the battle this way to help us work out when this issue triggers specifically.


I have found something similar when encountering the wasps and they do their dodge ability creating red gems. I have had them interrupt chains of already formed gems but the brackets indicating the chain are still there. For example yellow brackets surrounding a run of yellow red yellow. I did not check at the time if the middle box counted as both red and yellow as I was using different colored spells and did not think to check my heroic. The set cleared at end of turn but I do not know if it was due to regular three set clearing as I was not in a position to isolate but assume so as the red was in the middle.

Ok, I recreated it. While using sunburst, do x dmg and convert 4 red stones to yellow in order to kill a creature, while at the same time wearing gloves that create 3 skulls upon enemy defeat, I had a T bracket come up with three skulls across the top and vertically was skull yellow skull. None of these blocks were moveable and upon completion of the round the top three skulls cleared while the yellow and bottom skull stayed with brackets remaining. The two icons that stayed were immobile but cleared when matched with a similar set.

I should also note I had to kill the creature with sunburst so maybe it is the same with gravedigger and armor that creates skulls upon kill.