Tutorial Improvements

As a long time GoW player I thought I would be well equipped to start matching gems in PQ3 however the fantastic tutorial seen in GoW on how to match gems wasn’t seen in PQ3.

There was a snippet of information on making a 3 match and that you can match diagonally.

I’d of liked to of seen more guided 3, 4 and 5 match hints. So that the player fully understands all the ways you can match gems.

Following on from this, after about 15 battles I figured out when you make a 3 match and the timer starts, you can then add gems to that 3 match to make a 4 match and continue on to make a 5 match. That would be a great tip to show in the tutorial. I found that aspect really exciting once I had it figured out and wanted to try more battles to see the matches I could make.

My last point for the very early tutorial would explain the timer slightly differently. I recall it saying ‘the timer shows you how long you have left to make matches’… Instant panic set in and I started rushing my moves. I didn’t realise the timer started once you make your match.

My thoughts are:

‘Once you make a match, the timer starts’
(tutorial points to timer)
‘You can add on to the original match 3’
(indicate a 4th gem to be moved diagonally onto the original match 3)
‘make additional matches before the timer runs out and your turn ends’
(show a separate match 3 to be made)

@Lyrian and I exchanged some thoughts earlier today about the gem matching mechanics, which seem really exciting, they just need explaining a little more.