Ugly square around hands with the Bone Sickle

This is ugly, Other weapons show hands prettily. Is it intentional? Cause I think you should change it.

I get the same effect with my Legendary Dark Mace.

I didn’t mention, but it’s a Legendary Bone Sickle. I get the effect on my Legendary Dwarven Hammer. So it’s just to remind us that we’re using a Legendary? I think a square is a bad shape for a reminder. Maybe some kind of circular glow or spray pattern would work? Or sparks cascading to the floor! [No, save that for Mythic]

Hello there!

Thank you for shearing the feedback on how this visual effect looks on these weapons. I’ve let the the Dev Team know!

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: