[Reported] Mythic Bone sickle clips through Berserker hands

When the beserker holds the mythic version of the Bone sickle, it clips through the hands/gauntlets constantly.

I had made screenshots but am not allowed to embed them. The problem is very obvious though.

Xbox series s and x, android OS

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
All other tiers do not clip through. I expected the mythic version to be fine but the way it’s modelled, it just doesn’t fit. Looks really bad and breaks immersion.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always happening with the mythic version of the bone sickle equiped.

Steps to make it happen again
Just have the berserker equip the mythic bone sickle. It doesn’t matter which skin you use.

Hope the team can fix it. Took me a long while to get it to mythic. This is demotivating.

Added screenshots after upgrade to trust level:

Reported this morning! Do you experience this with any other hero?

I didn’t think to check but since you asked I did some testing and they all have some form of clipping with the mythic bone sickle some worse than others. I made some screenshots to give you an idea.

Warlock left character (male) has it clipping through the under arm. Warlock right character has it slightly clipping through during the idle animation where the sickle goes up a bit.

Shaman both characters have it clipping through the beads on the wristband during animation. On the left character its barely noticeable. On the right character it’s obvious.

Paladin left character has very bad clipping through the hand. Right character only slightly.

Necromancer both left and right character slightly clipping.

The other berserker character also has it clipping through the hand.

Mercenary left and right character both have clipping through the underarm. Left character worse than the right.

Assassin left and right character also slight underarm clipping.

Thanks so much!

Passed these on to our animation team.

I just wanted to add that this got fixed. They changed the grip angle and it no longer clips through the characters.

Thanks all!

It’s a little too late for Krogdar, the 8-fingered, but he appreciates the change all the same.