[BEING WORKED ON] Royal Longsword drops with wrong weapon effect in 0.35

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Got an epic Royal Longsword from a chest. Was expecting it to have the “10 or more gems matches for a 400% poison damage ball” effect. Instead the effect of Royal Longsword reads as “Add +10 power when matching 5 or more poison gems in one match.”

Not sure if this change to Royal Longsword is intended, but there are multiple problems with it:

1: Guard’s Broadsword weapon quite literally has the exact same effect, except it is 2x more effective on Guard’s Broadsword. This makes 2 weapons have the same effect.

2: My old purple rare Royal Longsword still has the previous ball effect.

3: This change would cause Royal Longsword to be substantially weaker than the previous effect.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since 0.35

Steps to make it happen again
1: Obtain epic Royal Longsword in green.

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Very true. I didn’t notice. Just tried my two Royal long swords as I pulled one today.

Old sword (blue) does not gain power upon 5+ matches and no longer casts an ice ball after 10+ matches which are now with no duplicate spells harder to achieve. So it is pretty much dead but has the old description (ice ball).

The new one has the new description (5match for 10 power) and gains power accordingly. Admitted, I now have a red Royal and a red guard sword and why would I choose to 10 power when matching 5+ over gaining power when matching fire gems period? Thatakes Royal have the same kind of effect than guard just weaker.

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I’ve asked the devs for some clarity on this, but as it’s nearly EOD on Friday I will likely need to report back next week.

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Whatever they changed, it definitely isn’t intended.

Here is RARE Longsword:

With the SAME effect as EPIC Longsword (both +10 power despite different rarity):

With the essentially SAME effect as RARE Broadsword:

That is 3 weapons with what is essentially the exact same effect despite them being different weapons AND different rarities.

Also, just for extra things not working, here is RARE Longsword still with previous effect in V.0.35. This is what I would assume all the longswords to have been like:

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I’ve spoken to the devs and they said the new text is what is intended. They are looking into this now, and I’ve also mentioned that a balance pass might be a good idea at the same time.

If that is the case, Guard’s Broadsword and Royal Longsword now have the exact same ability despite being different weapons.

Royal Longsword also doesn’t currently grow correctly based on rarity. Seems like all rarity drop with the rare’s amount of bonus even if higher rarity.

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I’m aware, which is why this was my second sentence.

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It seems this weapon got a HUGE buff to the Royal Longsword in the latest update.

I just had a rare one drop here, the power gain on it is +30 per match with 5 gems of the matching color. At Epic, it jumps to +60 power.

This makes the weapon much stronger than the Guard’s Broadsword now.

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Spells like the Assassin’s that only give a meager +4 or 5 each time or the Warlord bonus are virtually worthless by comparison. Either this is ridiculously overpowered now, or those other effects need buffed.

What? No. @sirtumnus . No huge buff in latest update. Been this way since May. Can they change it? Sure. Will they? Maybe. Suddenly new and different? Nope.

Has it? Seems the posts above show the Royal Longsword only adding +10 power (at rare) back in May.

Either way, I wish I found this out earlier. I just poured all my resources into my Guard’s Broadswords :frowning:

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Currently, only the Royal Longsword effect has been updated to match the weapon damage system implemented in 0.36. All of the other Gears’ effects should be scheduled to be updated as well somewhere in the future, hopefully before formal launch.

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The short answer was the original effect (iceball, fireball, etc) never worked. They changed it to basically the same thing as the broadsword except it needed a 5 match. Also, when they changed it, the old ones (previouslly looted) still had the old broken effect.

They fixed the broken older loot and updated the power gain to be more inline with needing a 5 match, at the same time. I misspoke before, it was changed in June, not May. Sorry! But still not buffed in this patch.