[MORE INFO] Royal longsword

Royal Longsword Laghtball dose not activate

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Yes, all versions of Royal Longsword currently do nothing.

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Thanks for reporting this. Could I get some more specifics for writing up my bug report for the team?

Eg, is meant to do this, but doesn’t work at all, or only works partially, etc. Will help to know where the issue is specifically.

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The Royal Longsword has the text:
xxx-ball: Cast a(n) xxx-ball dealing 300% Weapon Damage as xxx, when 10+ Ice Gems are matched.
(where xxx changes depending on the element)

The effect of this weapon (the text above) does not work at all.
Meaning that there is no extra damage as an element ball.
There is no extra animation of the hero casting this element ball too.

Basically Royal Longsword in any rarity level at the moment is just like a common weapon without any bonus/passive.