Small Bug Fix Server Push 18/6/21

Ahoy, adventurers! We are pushing a small server update which will fix some bugs in-game. We are aware that there are some bigger bugs (coughstarting manacough) but they require a client update, which means they have to wait for 0.36. In the meantime we have fixed the following issues:

  • Royal Longsword ability has been made consistent for all Royal Longswords. The new ability also gives +30/60/90/120 Power instead of +10/20/30 Power when matching 5 of more of a certain color gem.

  • Missing conversation text for languages other than English has been resolved

  • Fixed issue with Holy Avenger not giving damage bonus for number of Light gems destroyed

  • Fixed issue with Serpentine Shield ability not triggering when at “Rare” rarity. Also changed it for other rarities so it should gain correct Block bonus when it triggers.

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Royal Longsword officially best weapon in the game! I have zero of them of course because they were broken and I have do not have any of this thing called “vault space” :crazy_face:

Does the Longsword give a static 30/60/90/120 or per 5-match?

For every 5-match @EliteMasterEric. Including 2x 5-matches in 1 move give 2x bonus

Going to need to get popcorn for how funny the first balance patch is going to be.


So RIP Guards Broadsword?

This is crazy unbalanced

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Yeah… I don’t get this one, at all.

Either the longsword is going to be quickly nerfed with the future balancing patch, or this is intended and that the intent is that future powercreep right out of the gate at version 1.0 will quickly obsolete most things in the game currently.

Powercreep is definitely going to be a thing, but I can’t see it running away at this speed at launch. No way.

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