Unblocking Citadel

I would like to say that there is big concept problem with idea that unblocks citadel.
Currently it is unblocked when u finish story mode and get lvl 50 on your character.
Problem with that function is that if u don’t want to make crazy rush to finish story mode by killing opponents way above your gear score, U will finish with lvl 50 way sooner before u finish story mode. And that will froze all your progress until u will get story finished.
If u would love to keep your gear score in par with mission it would end u will get lvl 50 around chapter 10 or even sooner. And that will be lots and lots of experience wasted.
I wasn’t fully rushing but i did get lvl 50 around chapter 13.
And since that moment all my experience was wasted until i got to end of story mode.
On end little sugestion that would fix issue with wasted experience: Get that experience stored for use when u will unlock citadel so u will get possibility to get few lvl’s directly when u unlock it. At last u wont have that stupid feeling that all those sidequest u do or and other fights are time waste.


I support this suggestion. For players who want to take their time and enjoy the story and the sidequests (me included), it’s going to be upsetting to waste a whole bunch of XP and feel like they have to rush the end of the story.

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I’ve passed on this feedback. <3

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