Unequip feature / button

One notable void in the latest patch is a means to completely unequip gear other than through equiping something to be salvaged.

This is in a lot of ways the only way a character can join a mono color tourney with some of the multicolored stuff that we all sport.

Does this mean that this is working as intended and that the workaround will remain the only way of joining the restricted tourney?

If the jumping loadouts and gear issue is resolved then we may be able to make a loadout sans any gear in due time through salvaging that allows the restricted tourney to be played with only the relevant weapon equipped - surely naked PvP is not the intended goal here?


Well done @Elric, glad someone finally pointed this out :thinking:


I’ve passed this one in a report. No guarantees that it will be something we implement, but our designers are aware of the sentiment behind this request and are looking into it.