Unplayable after update

Thanks for making the game unplayable with the latest update.

Sadly the last update took all the fun out of the game. Skirmishs on easy are now hard (me 595, skirmish 795). No chance of beating it. I thought skirmish where for grinding.
You need a lot more mana for the spells which makes the whole fight normally more exciting but most of the time only frustrating, since no fight is winable unless the opponent is way under yourself.
I really enjoyed the game till now, but atm this game is only frustrating.

I must be lucky so far because I never got the update.

I tried about 10 fights and wasn’t able to win even one. I will deinstall and probably never loon back. I loved PQ 1 & 2 and was so happy seeing PQ 3, but I want to play to have fun and not to be frustrated.

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