[Update to latest version] Khazdhuli Expedition Still Broken

I was able to play adventures until the Khazdhuli Expedition came back. The game just went to the typical waiting display after selecting the difficulty. I hard closed the game and now I get the same empty map as previously.

FIXED: See post below

Went to play Khazdhuli Expedition and after selecting ultimate difficulty got the loading gems in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and it hung there. Left for 15 minutes but still stuck so force closed the game and restarted. Now every time I try to start the adventure it soft locks with the map background and nothing on top forcing me to force close the game again. The other current adventure appears to be still running just fine (I can load it but already used all my daily energy before trying the Khazdhuli Expedition). Waited a couple of hours before posting but still bugged as of now.

Favourite is set to Archive (Has been for ages) and I selected ultimate difficulty using my warlock with the smartish loadout (I was going to change it before starting my first battle but never got the chance.)

I play on an Android tablet. After reporting my issue I went into the Play Store and found an update available. After installing this update I was able to open the adventure and play again.

Thanks, I thought I’d updated, but guess I hadn’t. Works now for me too.

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