"...Vault is Full" Message

Too often I get the “…vault is full” message when I try to open a chest after winning a battle (because of the inventory issue, different topic), but I have no choice except to salvage the chest or use gems to open it (usually no room to store it).

We should be able to navigate to the minions, gear or spells and salvage items from the rewards screen then come back and open the chest.

EDIT - This also happens even if a minion has returned from a mission and a chest is ready to open, which would open up a slot.

This warning occurs when an inventory section is full - even if the chest does not contain items of that type.
To be clear the issue is that since you can’t open it with a key in the post battle screen, you have to store it - which, if you have no room is an issue forcing you to salvage it
The “solution” is you can store it, make space in your inventory and then open it with a key - but this is not ideal

solution: stop player from entering combat or purchase chests when vault is full instead of prevent player from opening chests