VIP Chest is blocked from view after 7+ chest slots

Currently the default view for the chest menu when clicking on it is this:

This default is a bit of an issue when having 7 or 8 chest slots as it cuts off the bottom 2 chests. In this particular instance, the VIP chest cannot be seen by default and requires a needless swipe in order to set up the menu to be correct.

This is what the screen looks like after swiping down. In this instance, all 8 chests can be seen at once while still being able to click on the pet menu.

Would be nice if the game would make image 2 the default position when clicking on that menu with 7+ chests, as currently the game requires a needless swipe after 7+ chests just to be able to see all 8 chests.

This may not seem like much, but the needless swipe can easily waste about a few minutes per day when doing things like wooden or iron chests.

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