Welcome to the Puzzle Quest 3 Community Forums

Hello Questers!

Welcome to the Puzzle Quest 3 Community Forums!
We’re so glad you’re here whether you plan to become one of the regular faces here or to lurk in the shadows thank you so much for being a part of the thing that makes Puzzle Quest 3 so great, our community!

We hope you’ll stop by to introduce yourself

You’ll also be able to chat with us live when we stream on Twitch

Useful Links:

Puzzle Quest 3 Help Center

Puzzle Quest 3 Blog


Infinity Plus Two Twitch


You can also find lots of folks to chat with and learn from at the Unofficial Puzzle Quest 3 Community Discord Site:


Hey all, just a reminder to join the unofficial PQ3 Community Discord Site!

(EDIT: still unsure why this thread is not pinned nor any other information resource threads)

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