Will Your Event Tier Decrease if You Delete Your Highest Levelled Hero?

Hi @Kafka , @OminousGMan , and @Jeto, I have a question that I hope you are willing to answer. Since we have a number of players who will be returning to the game after playing for some portion of Early Access, the following scenario has revealed itself to be a problem.

The Event system places you in Tiers based on (I assume) your highest-levelled hero. People returning to the game may have a hero in the 30s or 40s but without having the benefit of playing the entirety of early access may be significantly undergeared. As a result, they are unable to achieve success in the Events hampering their development. If the player were to, let’s say, delete their highest-levelled hero (for example, they have a 35 Berserker, a 15 Assassin, and a 12 Shaman), would the Event Tier be reduced to align with their next most highest-levelled hero (in this case, the 15 Assassin).

Thank you for considering the question and hopefully responding timely so that players know what actions they can take to participate fully in the game.


Hey, yes, deleting your highest level Hero will decrease the event Tier as long as you haven’t started playing the event.

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Valuable info, thanks!

I even tested it out on my alt account by deleting my Level 50 Berserker. It does indeed work.

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Thanks for testing and verifying. Because… reasons :eyes: