When is a Player's Event Tier Determined?

When does the game determine that a player is eligible for an Event Tier upgrade after an Event ends?


A player finishes an Event with 47/50 Event Medals. They place in the Top 50 for an additional four leaderboard medals from that Event. Upon daily reset, the player collects their four leaderboard medals from Eveline in the mailbox, reaching a qualifying total of 51 Medals.

Which of the following scenarios is correct?

  1. The game determines the player’s eligible Event Tier at Daily Reset. The game only checks the player’s Event Medal total at that point in time and sees that the player possessed 47 medals. The player is assigned to Tier 2 for the next event period, despite holding enough medals after claiming the leaderboard prize from their mailbox.

  2. The game determines the player’s eligible Event Tier at Daily Reset. The game is aware that the player earned four medals from the leaderboard and has internally calculated that the player has 51 medals before the player claims them from the mailbox and is qualified for a Tier upgrade. The player is assigned to Tier 3 for the next Event period.

  3. The game does not assign a player to a Tier until they play their first Token for a given event (similar to how a player is not registered for a PvP leaderboard until they play their first PvP Token on that character). If the player claims the four Event Medals from their mailbox before starting an Event, the game will allow the player to choose to participate in Tier 3 if they so desire before spending their first Token and being assigned to the Tier of difficulty that was chosen by the player.

  4. None of the above. (Something else occurs).

I guess it’s this. When I viewed the Dungeon Event before I picked up my rewards from my mailbox, my event showed my previous Tier. When I collected my mail (and the leaderboard rewards), the event switched to the next Tier.


Sorry for the delayed reply while I followed up with the team about this.

The answer is:

  1. The event tier is calculated for an event when you enter that event’s menu, based on your current medals (i.e not the ones in the mail)
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That also isn’t how it works though. Well, it does, but because the check for it is upon checking the screen, medals can just be claimed before entering the screen.

It is a similar oversight to the 1 minute crest refresh that when desynced is causing key rewards from guild to be claimed multiple times over, both newly added in 0.36.