Release Event Quest

So is the release quest supposed to reset the enemy defeated count after the completion of each previous tier? As in first tier for example required 25 enemies killed, then the second tier which requires 50 would start counting from 0 again.

I presume it should keep running tally, counting from 25 in my example, because it sure is taking a whole lotta playing to get there, and that’s just for me to get to tier 6. I consider myself having played a lot at 900 crests this week, trying out this and that in the new patch/release.

Tiers 7&8 will just be plain unattainable.

I was also expecting this to be cumulative kills, not each tier to be it’s own individual milestone.

Considering the limited chests slots is designed to slow players down into small bursts, the latter tiers have some pretty steep requirements, even if cumulative kills.

Pretty much for the vast majority of the playerbase.

Would love to be a fly on the wall after this launch event ends on how many players actually obtained each Tier.

Completing through Tier 7 would require somewhere in the range of 1600-1800 crests, while completing Tier 8 is give or take ~3500 crests worth of effort.

Most definitely not worth the effort for a Diamond Key!

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