0.35 PvP Changes are Good

While a lot of us do like picking apart everything wrong with the game, particularly version 0.35, this change to PvP is probably one of the best things that has happened this patch:


Made what was one of the most annoying weekly grinds in the entire game down to something that can be obtained consistently within a day or less of seeing what the weekly tournament is. Allowing non-elemental combined with the triple weapons types also reduces the amount of weapons a person needs to hold from 75 down to only about 5 + whatever good ones they want to keep.


I agree the accessibility has increased dramatically. I like that part of it.

I do wish there was more of differentiator between the restricted/elites than open. I’m doing the same strategy except with different colored gear, which is kinda too easy. Flip side, previously, if spells were limited to only a color, and I got none of the limited color on the board, it’d feel terrible since there’s nothing you can do.

But hey, I’ll take the free rewards in the meantime.


Great change through and through.

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100% agree. I missed more tourneys than I entered, prior to this change, because I do not have great luck looting weapons. RNG gonna be random. :woman_shrugging: And… yes. Even if I could loot them all, where would I put them?

Anyway, other than a 12 hour stretch when my uncommon mace got auto evolved (to the wrong color heh), I’ve now been able to actually play these, and I’m loving that.

I’m also a big big fan of not having to use specific color spells anymore.

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I don’t miss that at all, haha. But I agree that it did add a certain challenge. However, now that we can only use class spells/generics, no duplicates, and no auto acquired spells… restricting spells would be worse than the old weapon restrictions, now.