Just checking in

Hi all, it’s been a while. How is the game going? Have the spell costs been adjusted? Have there been bug fixes? How playable is pq3 now? Thanks

With the comment about spell costs I’m guessing you left around 0.36 coming out? If so only one main patch since then to the current 0.37.

No change to spell costs, so we just have to work with what there is now. We can still chain together spells for continual casting stunning the enemy out of the battle, though it can be a bit harder to get it started. In PVP some people are already back to round 0 wins and 25000 weekly tournament.

The main change was the addition of set bonuses which throws in some new possibilities, though with it even more demands on the already painfully low inventory storage. Cue scrapping after almost every battle to keep those 1 or 2 empty slots available. Northelm did get a bump just after 0.36, but even with that it is too low juggling multiple characters.

Crafting materials are finally available in more than a non-existent chest chance. Daily Dungeons and challenges give a limited way to earn some more, though the cash shop was the main update here with a new layout and some “interesting” valuations on top tier relics and glyphs.

Long dungeon battles still take a loooong time.

Only one patch since 0.36 so maybe some bug fixes but not a huge amount. Game is for the most part pretty stable, just avoid the window around daily reset and particularly weekly reset where the hamster that powers the server falls off his wheel in exhaustion.

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Thank you. Guess I’ll wait a bit longer for i+2 to come to their senses lol