1st Birthday Stream Recap!

Hello everyone!

We are currently LIVE!

Join us for free goodies, cool new emotes, and news :eyes:

infinityplustwo - Twitch


For anyone unable to come and hang out today - we will send 300 Gems to EVERYONE via global mail as thanks and another Happy 1st Birthday gift!

Some questions that were answered on stream:

  • What changes are coming to PVP and Versus, and also when?

    • We would really like to share more, but we genuinely don’t want to disappoint you. We have some work to do in the background to see if what we want to do is definitely possible and in what time frame it is doable. But don’t worry! If we get a positive answer to that first question, we’ll let you know as soon as we can!
    • Will you be changing how PVP is scored?
      • Scoring is definitely on the table, along with pairings. We want PVP to be a fun challenge rather than a chore.
  • When are we adding Seasonal Relics to the Archive store?

    • The team is currently in the process of adding them in! No ETA yet.
  • As chests are slowly being removed, will Kingdom crest rewards change from rewarding Keys to another resource such as Marks?

    • This is highly likely, yes. We don’t want to leave you with stuff you can’t use.
  • When is the last piece of the Dragonking Set being released?

    • We are planning to release this into a special Adventure! But no set ETA.
  • When will Co-Op battles become more stable?

    • Definitely in the works!
  • What are the plans for more Enemy Gems?

    • At this stage we’re planning to add one for each Seasonal enemy group
    • Also want to roll them out to other enemies, starting with some of the more familiar faces in the early game
      • First up we’re working on something for Orcs and Ogres
      • We’re also looking at Spiders and Rats
  • Will you change Kingdom Defense overkill to have it have full health?

    • Team is looking to increase the Overkill health to full, but currently also no ETA.
  • Are there plans for more Heroes?

    • Yes! We’ve actually got a couple of designs already in the pipeline.
    • There’s a few things we want to iron out before we bring those babies into the world, because we think you probably agree there’s some clunky elements to some of our current systems
  • Will we be making the world chat bigger so more lines of text can be displayed?

    • UI makeover for the chat is in the works for the future. But not likely in the next coming updates.
  • Any plans to add emojis or custom profile pictures in chat?

    • Believe emojis are already in the works!
  • Roadmap?

    • Roadmap and blog next week!



Was awesome to hang with you on stream! And thank to you very much for my prize! :blush:

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Even if many things depend on ETAs in the future, this is what I call an excellent post (especially because of the last line). Thank you! :cat:

Forgot did someone ask in stream or another thread if Resh crystals were coming back into the archive section to buy again?

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Do you know when the 300 gems will be mailed out. I haven’t received anything.

Working on it today :sparkles:

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Update: Gems have been sent out!

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Can confirm I got mine.

I also mentioned this on the stream and the graphic just went out today on our socials!

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From the stream, I didn’t quite understand how this summary stuff was going out or is findable in the game. (Likely because of the speed with which questions and answers were coming.) Are these summaries available now or are you revealing the future to us?

@HinnFalni which “summaries” are you referring to?

Roadmap scheduled to be posted today, right?

The summary of accomplishments. The one you posted just above my first comment. Is that live yet? If not, when do you think those will be accessible?

I missed a good portion of that discussion during the livestream.

@HinnFalni that graphic was shared on the PQ3 Twitter and Facebook the day I added it to this thread. It is not a graphic available to view in game.

OK, I see how I’m mistaken here. Sorry for the confusion.

Why are you punishing people who don’t play adventures? I went the wrong way on the first one and discovered I’d never be able to finish based on getting 3 tokens a day, I got frustrated and stopped bothering with just another chore to keep track of.

Log on, loot the archive, loot the active, do the hard/elite fights in the active, do the challenges, do the events, do the pvp, check if there are any quests that need to be finished. And now you add do the adventure that is a pain because it’s crazy limited with only 3 tokens. And we haven’t even gotten to play the main storyline yet!

Please give us another way to earn the final piece of the collection?

Every adventure is different. The current one has 3 energy per day, but others have 6 or 7. Some are replayable, others are not. Some don’t even have energy restriction. You also have the option to buy 5 energy for 50 gems. So even though you went the wrong way, you should be able to finish the adventure.