3.0 brings higher spell damage for heroes but even higher spell damage for enemies

With the release of 3.0 I have seen that the calculations for spell damage has been updated with a really nice improvement. Until not, the general spell damage calculation was the following one:

  • Spell damage = level x level multiplier + power x power multiplier + mastery x mastery multiplier.

Most level multipliers are around x2, so the effect going from level 1 to 50 had on damage was negligible: a difference between 2 points of damage at lvl 1 and 100 points of damage at lvl 50. With the release there has been a nice fix for this. Current spell damage calculation is:

  • Spell damage = level ^ 1.9 x level multiplier + power x power multiplier + mastery x mastery multiplier.

This change means that now for a spell with x2 level multiplier the effect of leveling up is much more significant: a difference between 2 points of damage at lvl 1 and 3,381 points of damage at lvl 50. This is a great change that not only strengthens our spell builds (currently overshadowed by skull critical builds) but also makes leveling up spell books more useful.

However, since this change is also applying to enemies a huge problem as arisen: enemy level goes up to lvl 100, which means that the spells of max level enemies now do a whooping of around 12,419 extra damage! 3 examples from lvl 98 enemies:

  • Plague-Taster’s noxious spray: has gone from doing 20,512 damage to 27,680 damage, a 35% increase in damage.
  • Skeleton’s wake the dead: has gone from doing 25,910 damage to 37,858 damage, a 46% increase in damage.
  • Arboleth’s dark tentacle: has gone from doing to doing 56,866 to 74,788, a 32% increase in damage.

I am a veteran player with an all lvl 50 mythic build. Pre 3.0 I had 21,980 resistance and post 3.0 after honing pieces a lot, I have 25,312 resistance. That means a 15% increase in resistance.

So if the resistance of a veteran player has increased only in 15% but max level enemy spell damage has increased in 30-50%… @Jeto I believe this is something worrying, due to the 3.0 gear rework lvl 100 battles have become much more important for the extra values from chests, but the spell damage changes have clearly made them much more difficult, specially for mid players. I believe this is not an intended change, just the result of the new damage formula being applied to enemies as well. But the result is that lvl 100 enemies are now much more powerful and not compensated by the power boost from 3.0 gear rework. I would like to ask you to look into this, evaluate its implications and discuss the possibility of doing something to avoid players having a more difficult time than they should. Thank you for your time and attention.


I’ll raise you a Dargbrunen’s Poison Rake. It’s now 75812 damage as poison. :wink: (level 100 dungeon)

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New goal: survive this spell with 5 celestial gems on the board.

So, even with hex and wither or with max light elemental resistance it would still be over 50k damage… Crazy :sweat_smile:

The truth is that lvl 100 spell damage as always been crazily high, but this is just plain global destruction :joy:


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Spells from the enemies are definitely too violent now, it’s made autoplay even less reliable than it was VS lvl100 monsters for me, and I have pretty high resistance but I can get evaporated from spells the enemies can fill with 3 gems like Wake the Dead from the ch15 skeleton.

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Agreed. Many enemy spells was designed for a long battle but the number is just too big to make a battle that long.

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