[FIXED] Spells deal substantially higher damage after 0.34 update

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Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9.

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After installing the 0.34 update, my character’s spells deal/heal around 2.4 TIMES the amount of damage/health. When in change spell screen, it will show accurate amount (e.g. 366 dmg for lvl 10 Smite), however in battle, the amount of damage is far higher (870 dmg). Same effect on all of my other spells (but with slightly different scaling factor).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?

Happens every battle in Story, Skirmishes, Dungeons, and PVP. In fact, I just ran some chapter 9 “Very Hard” battles and they were incredibly easy. I feel like I’m cheating now…

Steps to make it happen again
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Load game and play story mode. Can’t seem to find any particular reason why this is occuring.

What weapon are you using? Is it the one that increases your power based on mastery?

I believe power scales spell damage now. I have runic mace and my ray of frost does 7.6k damage actually what is show in my thread.

Not sure if this is the intended way to make damaging spells useful later on.

Using a Ruinic Mace with poison mastery.

All hail the Runic Mace. :slight_smile:

4/13 update: I am now no longer dealing super high damage with my spells, and substantially lower melee damage with my runic mace.

I equipped a few different spells this morning, so not sure if that was a reason.

Tried re-equipping and weapon and previous spells, but was unable to replicate spell damage boost.

Also, I’m now locked out of the game Social tab. Not sure if this is related…

That specific mace is/was bugged. It’s supposed to add 10% of your mastery to your power but it instead adds 10 times your mastery to your power.

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