45 Days Later ... Relic drop rates are absurdly low regardless what happens in 0.36

This may be a shock to hear, but I will be tuning in :innocent:

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As the most accessible person (to us) on the team, you are in the unenviable position of absorbing the slings and arrows. It can be difficult to not take that personally. We say “its not your fault”… but ya. It’s hard to manage an angry horde. I try to be cool, but just in case, I’ll try to be cooler. I hope the rest of the community will also.

The majority of the people communicating on this is are pretty savvy about this stuff. I myself did my first closed game beta in 1998. Open beta and early access are trickier because there are some folks expecting things to work and not change much. But most of us really do understand the whole “throw that out, lets try this!” thing. We do.

I know you aren’t responding further, but I hope you will read this and pass it on.

We do not need every piece of information. We need a ballpark idea of what to expect so that we can then tell you whether or not the expectations are playing out as designed. This where the uproar came from. We were told, and took it on good faith, what to expect. (With an ohhhhh soooo unfortunately timed missive, instructing us to admire the perfect patch notes :woman_facepalming:) It sooooo didn’t happen. So we, the unpaid (but having some fun!) testers, had to assume it was a bug. Then we were post hoc informed that it is all intended. So so SO preventable!

You absolutely do not have to tell us everything. But just make sure everything you DO tell us is absolutely true for THAT build. We know the next build can erase everything. We (most of us) are here to help you all make a successful and fun game. To do that, help I mean, we need to know what should be happening at any given time with major systems.

If the much extolled patch notes for 0.35 had said that relics were the new thing but would not reliably appear until later, we would have been bummed by the stop of progression, but understanding of the process.

Can’t say it enough. Help us help you. Give us a real and immediate idea of how things should be working. Without that? Why are we even here?


Admitted, I think it was true. Over the weeks post 0.35 I think there were one or two confirmed drops of relics from chests as well as several from salvaging.

Other than that I agree with all you said.

We all put energy into this because we WANT THE GAME TO SUCCEED.

But we felt mislead by the patch notes finding out that things were not what they seemed. And being informed that “not what it seemed” was intentional, I do think this whole charade was - as Tresk put it “so so SO preventable”.

Either way, I commend @Salty for build a bridge. Thank you. Let`s cheer to better communication in the future.

And since a “misleading” comment or patch note can be totally unintended and we understand that, please when you see the whole forum community going down a crapshoot like we did with the relics please try and let us know that this is intended a bit earlier than this time. We all understood and eagerly await the next update. The long flogged issue was that we as a community felt led on for too long and “27 days later” still has not gotten over it. It is time for us to build a bridge too!


Yes yes yes… this too! In the old days all of these various issues would have been worked out in an internal test or an alpha test. But that’s not really a thing anymore, at least for these freemium games. So the team is stuck whacking moles on the fly, while dealing with balance on the fly, monetization on the fly and putting together notes and communication etc etc. Bosses above cracking whips and us with our torches and pitchforks.

Totally understandable that a patch note takes a wrong turn here and there. This is exactly why we never ever ever (seriously never) invite people to bow in awe of amazingly perfect patch notes. Which… was unfortunately done here. :woman_facepalming:

The takeway:

  1. While you can’t say everything, make sure everything you DO say is accurate for the build

  2. Never ever ever (seriously never) solicit praise for perfect patch notes. (spoiler alert, those don’t exist)

  3. If you botched 1 or 2, own that. Or, as my hubby says… put the shovel down. :laughing:

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Sorry, couldn’t resist.


Fist off Epic, Second sad that we made it this far lol

Why am I picturing my grandchildren waiting for 36?

I have opened around 250 or so level 100 diamonds in the last 30 days since the patch.

0 glyphs, 0 relics.

I don’t even have one of those 0.1% relics from salvage.

Same, although admittedly mine has been a mix of ruby/diamond dungeon chests. But at the end of the day I have 1x Ghoul’s Hand from a Level 30ish sidequest chest

I finally received a crystal from a level 100 ruby chest.

Relics are nonexistant

FYI, the lead developer and game creator Steve Faulkner said he was frustrated with the relic issues as well and formally apologized for this issue on the PQ3 stream.

He assured everyone it would be fixed in 0.36.

From the stream, it sounded like 0.36 was on its way, but perhaps not imminent (just my interpretation).

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So at least they are starting to get it.

Hopefully there’s a playerbase left by .36

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My issue with this interpretation is that the “fix” is simply whatever they have planned as the “primary” means to acquire relics in 0.36. Steve was still using the language of the patch notes that there were these dungeon-themed relics that could be acquired by completing dungeons but the mathematical reality is that is not true. So yes, I appreciate him acknowledging that it was a failure of implementation to not provide the actual intended means of collecting relics when they rolled out the relic upgrade system, but they should go back and amend the notes to clearly indicate that the possibility of ‘Dungeon completions’ as a means to acquire relics, and by extension, glyphs is just not true. Clearly the drop rate is 0.1% or less which means you would need to open 1000 eligible chests to get 1 relic. That is not a “means” to obtain anything.



20 characters.

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All of you are still on high horses about this, even after yesterday’s stream?

The game is in an unfinished state, it was stated so on the stream, and there should be NO expectations that anything is fully functional or working as will be intended at launch until the game reaches version 1.0.

Oh I see, now that the lead designer has said “Whoopsie” we are all supposed to just go back to being grateful testers who should feel blessed to even have the opportunity to bask in the glow of early access. Thanks for your insult.

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Interesting choice of metaphor here. :nerd_face:

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Keep it civil, team.

I thought it was important to discuss that the game is in early access, and speak generally about what early access is to different companies and titles. I wanted there to be more understanding of how we are approaching early access, and explain that there will be more changes (and experiments with resources, the economy, features, etc) coming.


I don’t remember Sirrian saying “whoopsie” about the situation. He was sympathetic with the situation currently and apologized for the inconveniences 0.35 caused players. But, that was as far as he went on that, to the best of my knowledge.

There’s literally nothing stopping you from taking a break until the game reaches a further developed state. Many players in the guild I am in are doing just that until the game receives additional game modes than just the base Story questline as a breather.

My personal perceptions over the streams this week (both GoW and PQ3) have been if that there was any regrets on the devs’ side of the game currently regarding the state of the game, it would be that the game was opened up to players too soon in Early Access with players expecting the game state to be more like a GoW beta where the initial beta state shown to testers is 95% complete versus the initial PQ3 Early Access state being only ~50% complete.

From reactions on the forum over the situation, I can’t disagree with their implied conclusion. (Personal observation: this was likely the “Early Access lesson learned” Sirrian alluded to on yesterday’s stream.)

Even though I did not do so, I almost feel like I need to go back to write up a full stream summary on yesterday’s stream. There’s an awful lot of context missing from EliteMasterEric’s short summary.

Literally nothing stopping you from not chiming in with your opinion about other players’ views of development issues. The fact that I think there is still an issue with the purported availability of upgrade materials, particularly since we have no specific details about the how the new system will work, is a legitimate observation and in my opinion a valid critique. For some reason though, you feel the need to come in and opine as if you are some sort of developer-player referee and chide people as if we are some sort of petulant children. It’s unnecessary and quite frankly is indicative of your intent to make this personal.

Sorry @Salty, I was busy on my high horse. I will do my best.