A little Christmas wish

Somewhere I read that a lot of players wish for double the amount of crowns again for the amounts to be paid. So it would be nice to fulfill this wish for Christmas, wouldn’t it? :no_mouth:

Personally, I have not had any wishes (in real life) for years, because they would not come true, although they cost literally nothing.

Surely I’m not alone in saying that I’ve had a really hard and, above all, disastrous year; for this very reason, I’d appreciate that at least the community has something to look forward to, so that everyone who wants to can fulfill an in-game wish (at least a small one) themselves, according to how they feel :blush:

Some voices have already been raised in the global chat that due to a lack of glyphs some personal goals can not be achieved. So give your sheep the chance to advance in the game and let the hurdles shrink a little bit this way.

If the management doesn’t want you to do that, at least reward the community with a Christmas item that upgrades every set with excellent values, e.g. by making this item technically suitable for all sets :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, and one more thing: if one of these two wishes may come true, PLEASE announce it early enough.

Thank you for your attention!


Just throwing ideas on the pile - how about an extra Season Bank (given the longer season)
Would give everyone something extra to work on with a nice little reward

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