Achievements in game and Steam not matching up?

I have been playing since release and since day one I have noticed that my in game achievements and my steam achievements do not match up? Is there a way to fix this?

My in game achievements show at 25 of 26 but my steam account shows at 6 of 26???

I would really like my steam account to reflect all the hard work I have put towards this game and its frustrating it doesn’t.

try clicking on the achievements in game, it should trigger.

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i have tried that because i saw that in another thread, but in game or in steam it does not work. any other ideas?

it’s been awhile, but in the tavern under goals, click on the icon or gems or the words. this worked for me in game from steam.


yes that is what I am meaning, it no longer works.

I am very sorry I was trying it on my phone, I tried it in steam in the game and it worked! Thank you, I am sorry I was arguing with you you were right! :slight_smile: