[Reported] Going to Battle under goals in the Tavern does not show Battle goals

Upon selecting Battle under Goals in the Tavern the goals on the right of the screen do not update. The goals on the right of the screen stay as they were. I can select and see the goals for Progress, Heros and Collection. If I click on Heros it shows the heros goals but then selecting Battle the Heros goals keep showing.

It looks like it was broken in the latest update.

After restarting @shmaunpq is this still occurring?
Just loaded up my own account and haven’t been able to reproduce this so far.

Still occurring, Steam version. I can only access Progress, Heroes and Collection goals, but not Battle

I wonder if it is due to your Rank/Hero level, as that seems to be the only difference between us is the Goals you currently have active and them not displaying and mine working :thinking:

I can solve the puzzle on this one, as I’ve had this issue for quite a long time.

The issue here occurs when a player clicks/taps on an achievement category that is at 100% completion.


Lyrian may be correct about the issue. I had tried force closing the game and rebooting my android phone before reporting the issue.

I leveled up yesterday by completing 10,000 battles and got nothing. My power was at 4.9 and it stayed at 4.9 after finishing the goal. Man, did that make me sad.

That would be because the +0.1% is added the moment the goal is achieved and not when the achievement reward is claimed.

Do you have two Battle achievements left to finish? At the moment maximum amount of power is +5.1% (Battle Rank 51).