[Reported] New Portraits, A broken Dream, a broken goal

Just found and bought a new chat portrait from Season Archive - Season 3.0 - A broken Dream. I’ve noticed that after buying that its not being added to the goal count in Tavern - goals under Collection, Collect 50 portraits. Was 37 before and is still 37 after I bought it. So it seems the new portraits aren’t being added towards the goal when purchased.

Also why do I only have 28/29 trophies and other people on psn have 33 trophies? At first I thought it was a ps4 versus ps5 type of issue, but other people on ps4 have 33 too, so not sure what the reason is?

The 28/29 trophies on my game

But other people get 33 trophies?

PS4 Name Code:ETHANVANSHAMAN_DDT1 Member Name: Kenpo _Kid69

These are the ones I seem to be missing…

A hero emerges - Create your first Hero (25 gems)

Primed and Ready - Reach Level 10 with any Hero (25 gems)

Armed and Dangerous - Reach Level 25 with any Hero (25 gems)

High and Mighty - Reach Level 50 with any Hero (50 gems)

Update - Took a couple of hours, but it finally gave me credit for the new portraits in the goals, so there seems to be some kind of issue or lag there, but at least it eventually gave me credit.

The trophy thing is still an issue. Oddly enough I have all the trophies when I check my trophy list outside of the game. But in the game, the trophies just don’t seem to exist for me and so presumably I haven’t received my combined reward of 125 gems either for completing them.

I bought one of these new portraits as well and it didn’t get added to my counter. Then all of the sudden it got added. So I went from 34/50 for the goal to 35/50. I bought another and it did not get added again. Overall in my profile I have 37 portraits, yet my goal counter says 35/50 now. I am missing 2 from goal counter.

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Yeah same. I finally got 1 to update. Bought the others right after, waiting to get credit for those as well before updating my post.

An old bug on other platforms at least. If the achievement wasn’t awarded you could click on it and it would award it. Not sure if this is still relevant but an easy try.

I’m at 36 now. Seems to be a lag. And the one I thought I was missing , could possibly be my original portrait so doesn’t count?

Yeah I think the original portrait doesn’t count. I didn’t add it to my count though.

It finally updated my portrait count after a few hours.

It doesn’t even exist in my game for some reason, although it shows up outside of the game in my psn trophy list for the game as completed.

When I play on mobile I get 29, when I play on Steam 33 :man_shrugging:t2:

My next question would be, does everyone on mobile get 29 and does everyone on Steam get 33? That’s fine if its consistant, but when I have 29 available and others have 33 available on the same platform (PS4), it doesn’t really make much sense.

I think there were some issues with the achievements being updated once 3.1 came out, so some would have appeared later than the update was released.

Has everyone got those achievements now though?
Also if you have issues with a goal you have completed not popping, you should still be able to force it by clicking/tapping repeatedly on the goal - but this only works if they have been completely released to that platform

As for the 29 vs 33 achievement differences on the platforms, this might be due to some of the mobile achievements not releasing with 3.1 and will be in 3.1.5

Nothing to click on, the goals just don’t seem to exist in-game on my primary account. I did try doing a secondary account on the same ps4 console and that one has 33 achievements.

The click-on goal suggestion is just for if there is a goal you have already progressed and it has not been completed.

As mentioned, once 3.1.5 mobile should have the same total of achievements as the other platforms.

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Oh ok, so 3.15 should fix this on ps4 as well?

Are these ones still not appearing?

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Yes, those 4 all dealing with the hero.

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Got someone looking into this & your account, as we haven’t been able to replicate your missing Goals so far!

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Small update: this does appear to be account specific, and not a general SONY issue

But from what we can see, those tasks are completed in your account data, and those rewards would have been collected - or your PSN Trophy list would display the Trophy but incompleted

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Weird that they’re in my PSN trophy list but not in-game. Not a huge deal though, thanks for looking into it.

Also just to check, can you view them under Goals > Heroes
or are they missing from there as well?

We can get a fix out for you but it would have to be a client fix, so it’s too late to squeeze into 3.1.5 so it will need to be in 3.2 at the earliest
But again, this is just a visual issue - they have been completed and collected

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