[Resolved] Trophies glitched on ps4 and ps5 versions

@Jeto @Kafka or to whom it may concern. So i play this game on my ps4 and need 2 trophies to get the platnuim. This past week i bought a ps5 and unlocked the last 2 trophies and challenges.
So now i have the 2 on ps5 and the rest on ps4 and it won’t sync up. So it is locked and unachievable now.
Will you please fix this so i can unlock the platnuim trophy?
Even if i play it again i can’t unlock the trophies.

When you access the Goals in-game, on the ones that have yet to be unlocked (that you have completed) if you click around on the Goal itself this can sometimes trigger it, which then triggers the Trophy.

Please let me know if you manage to unlock it, but I’ll follow up for further information from the team in the meantime.


So that worked. Took a lot of work to get it done on both systems but i did it. Thanks for the work around. I appreciate it.

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