[FIXED IN 1.1?] Issue with Steam Achievements and Steam Achievement/In Game Goal Mismatch

Bug Reports from your friendly local Paladin Player:

I primarily play PQ3 on the Steam platform. I began a month ago when the game became available via Steam Early Release. I am an active daily player and have logged approx. 125 hours in the game at the time of this comment, the majority of which have been done via the Steam platform.

Although I successfully joined a kingdom several days after starting and have completed both the main storyline and all the follower side quests on my main hero, the following achievements have not unlocked in Steam:

  • The Final Chapter (complete chapter 15)
  • Citizen (join a kingdom)

Within PQ3 itself, the goal for joining a kingdom has not not unlocked. This goal is located under the Progress section of the Tavern tab, and is currently greyed out (shows 0/1).

The Complete Chapter 15 goal located under the Progress section is listed as completed (is blue and shows 15/15). As the game interface shows completion of Chapter 15 but Steam does not, there seems to be a mismatch between goal completion in PQ3 and achievement completion in Steam.

I did complete the final Story chapter while playing on my phone rather than through the Steam client, so I wonder if that may have affected the mismatch. However I joined a kingdom while playing via Steam, yet both the Steam platform and the game interface have not given credit for kingdom membership so I’m not sure if there is a separate bug behind this issue.

I just levelled my Paladin to Level 50 this evening on my PC. The achievement did not pop. What gives?

edit: This is in reference to the “High and Mighty” achievement

@melonfresh I have just merged your thread into this one, as you both have reported on issues with Steam achievements.

Currently following this up at the moment.

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@melonfresh & @Petra for any achievements that haven’t been unlocked for you on Steam, if you go in-game and locate the matching Achievement under the Goals list and tap on it.

For example, if this Chapter 5 achievement had been completed in-game but not unlocked on my Steam achievements, I would tap anywhere on this space and hopefully it will trigger the unlock

I believe this is a temporary fix for any that are unlocked in-game but not on your matching devices achievement system (be it Steam, iOS or Google Play)


This worked for me on Google Play. Nothing had been unlocked at all but doing this everything I have completed is now recorded on Google Play.

I did actually post this 9 days ago but did not get any official reply. No Google Play Achievements

Hi! Checking in with updates on the Join a Kingdom bug:

Update 1: Several other members of my original kingdom (UNBREAKABLES) also mentioned not completing the Join a Kingdom goal in game or unlocking the achievement in Steam.

Update 2: I joined a different kingdom today and did not complete the goal or Steam achievement upon joining the kingdom then either.

This tells me that the issue does not seem to be specific to one kingdom (i.e. it has now perpetuated across two separate kingdoms), and it does not seem to be specific to me as a player (i.e. multiple players are impacted).

Hope these clues provide some help as you valiantly tackle this bug! <3

Hey @Petra

Checked in on this specific example with the team and looks like the fix for it is coming in v1.1 but to trigger on an existing account that is already in a Kingdom, it will require you to leave and rejoin.

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