No Google Play Achievements

I recently discovered Google Play achievements in the settings but it seems they don’t work for me. I regularly see the game logging in to google play games and have logged out and in again (of google play games) but no difference.

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I was going to post something similar after spotting this.

When the criteria to earn the achievement are completed it appears to pop, and on the in game menu shows the achievement as completed. If you tap on the completed achievements while you are signed in to Google Play, they will pop at the top of the screen.

But then playing the next day, check the achievements, tap on them one by one, and they all seem to pop again on your account as if for the first time. Looking at your Google account outside of the game they are not being registered properly.

While I did auto-unlock a whole bunch of these as I only got the Goals reword with the v1.0 launch (and not 2 weeks earlier with the pulled update), some of the achievements were purely earned after launch, and they all behave in this way - pop in game, but not sticking to the google account.

Poked around with this on my account.

26/26 on Steam.
0/26 on Google Play.

Tried to manually trigger them on Android and received this error message. Posting the error message as it may be of assistance in identifying the issue here.

Same exact code for me. I’m guessing they just haven’t implemented cloud save in the normal fashion yet.