Add controller vibration settings to the console version

I’m playing on Xbox Series X. This game makes use of the rumble motors in the triggers, and the vibration intensity increases a little when you get cascades of matched gems/skulls. The issue is, IMO it’s just too intense, like it’s maxing out the rumble motors.

It would be nice to be able to lower the intensity and also have an option to turn the vibration off. It’s possible to do that in the console settings, but it would be better if the game itself gave you the option.

Many thanks.

Hey @Sigma

In the Settings under Controller is there a ‘Haptic’ disable/enable option displaying for you?

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I dunno how I managed to miss that, but the exact things I requested are already in the game, lol. There’s an option to disable the vibration completely and a vibration intensity slider.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for wasting your time!

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