[Not a bug] Can't change vibration in settings

After applying the 2.1 update, it is no longer possible to select whether or not to vibrate on the setting screen.

Platform: iOS (iPhone12, iOS 16.5)
Version: 2.1.029783

In addition, after the update, the battery consumption has increased tremendously.

After connecting the controller, I was able to set the vibration on/off.
However, turning off the vibration and setting display to the lowest did not improve the fast battery drain.

The issue of excessive battery consumption is mentioned in another topic, so here I will only mention the issue “Haptic settings cannot be made unless the controller is connected in the iOS environment”.

I’ve reported the issue with the battery drain and overheating to the team for investigation, very sorry about that while we’re looking into it!

For the haptic settings it’s intended for these to only show up if a controller is connected.

I understood this issue is not a bug. I figured this would be a problem for people who don’t have a controller that connects to their iPhone, as they can’t stop the iPhone from vibrating.

Sorry for adding on to an older post, but a quick internet search to try and turn off the vibration on mobile led me here.

What is the thought process behind locking the vibration on a mobile device to only be changed with a controller attached? That kinda defeats the purpose for most people I’d think that play this on mobile.

I came to this game because I enjoyed Gems of War, but that game is too much of a commitment to play on my Xbox. This was nice to have something to play on the go that will also give Xbox achievements.

In summary, I think you should re evaluate the decision to keep that setting basically hidden to mobile players.

Also +1 on the battery issue :wink: