[Reported] iOS overheating

After 2.1.029783 update my iPhone 14 Pro (iOS 16.5) runs really hot just couple minutes after opening PQ3 even if I just hang at the tavern. This wasn’t the case before 2.1 was released. Could you please fix this?

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Even my android phone gets very hot now…

I’ve noticed it’s draining my battery quickly, which is probably what’s causing the phone to get hot.

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I love the new loading animation in version 2.1, but would like it removed if it’s draining my battery.

Agreed, came here and finally registered an account to say this. Game is running so hot I noticed it just from the heat alone, but it’s also draining my battery crazy fast now. This is new since the last update.

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I’m going to add to this. I’m on android 13.

In the past, in the evening I would leave my phone plugged in to my computer via a standard USB cable and run autoplay battles whilst reading the news, etc on my computer. In this case the battery % would remain pretty much the same. Recently though I have noticed it now it drains at several % per hour.
Not sure if it started with the very latest update or the one several weeks ago.

And every in game setting is to conserve battery.

To add one more thing, I switched today to playing while plugged in so that the phone could recharge, and it also agrees that it’s overheating. :slight_smile: For the record I’m inside, A/C in full effect, it’s otherwise not hot…

(apparently can’t upload images… ok) –

Charging On Hold
Charging will resume when
iPhone returns to normal

Hey @jeto it would be nice to get some acknowledgement of this problem.

Hi all, sorry about this I’ve let the team know and we’re investigating.


Same issue with Android devices: overheating. signs of a bad connection and battery draining fast

Same on Android. Never had this issue before in all time while being with the game. And yes, not every new graphical idea may be a good one so please check for the cause asap and remove it. Thanks!

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Also going to add since the update my Android over heats.

Hi all, sorry this issue is still occuring.

Could I get you all to check your in game settings and see if you get the issue with 30FPS or variable FPS set under display settings?

This will help us narrow down the cause.

My current setting is 60fps with variable FPS enabled. I’ll change to 30fps and report back later.

These are my settings since forever

I’ve changed to 30fps The problem is reduced but still there.

I’m using ps5 to play p.q.3 and my playstation is over heating when l play p.q.3 , never had problems with other games. I can play final fantasy 16 for 4 hours without problems.
Playing puzzle quest 3 gives a “getting hot” message within 30 minutes.

Playing PQ3 my personal hotspot cut out. A little investigation I found out why.

I also have my devices gaming app running with low power mode enabled.

Oneplus nord 2 5g running android 13

Spending a lot of time in airports lately, I actually can’t play this game while traveling any more unless I’ve got power on hand. It destroys the battery so fast, my ability to keep track of boarding passes/etc is imperiled. :wink:

My playstation doesn’t give me a warning its getting hot any more it now turns it self off !!!, please give us an update when its gonna be fixed.