[Reported] Xbox Series X fan ramping up a lot when playing this game

Platform: Xbox Series X

Issue: The game is stressing the console quite hard, as the fan ramps up pretty loud during play.

Expected behaviour: Given that games such as Forza Horizon 5 and Overwatch 2 barely ramp the fan up at all, I wouldn’t expect a game like this to stress the console so much.

Frequency: Constantly while playing.

I realise that this may not be a bug and may instead be an optimisation issue, but I thought I would report it as a bug anyway, just in case. Hope that’s OK.

Hi @Sigma , the team have been investigating this alongside the reports we’ve had of mobile devices overheating when playing the game since the latest update.

Could you let me know if you’re playing on a 120Hz TV?
If you’re not sure, if you let me know what kind of tv you have I can find out.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m using an LG 27GP950 monitor, which supports up to 144Hz. The game defaults to choosing 120 FPS, but even if I change it to 60 in the in-game settings, it doesn’t affect how much the fan ramps up.

I can confirm my Xbox Series X fan runs fast with this game too. I’m using a LG C2 and it’s an 120hz TV.

Hello, I´m having the same problem with my Xbox Series X, but I´m using a Samsung 4k 60hz / fps monitor (U28E590D), so it might not be a display device (or 120hz) problem. I tried lowering the resolution in the xbox settings, but that doesn´t improve anything.
Some of the moments, where I notice it the most, are:

  • freeze effect on either player or enemy (maybe also burn?)
  • frost giant enemy (maybe the frost particles as well)
  • when collecting rewards from an adventure node (the reward display screen)
  • chapter complete book animation (as long as I stay on that screen)

I found that the best condition is on the dungeon select screen (or any other overworld map without clouds/fog), so I tend to do gear customization there.
Hopefully this helps in fixing it soon, as it´s quite unfortunate that this game heats up my room in this already hot enough summer, when it really shouldn´t. :smiley:
Thanks for working on this! :slight_smile: