[Reported] Please can you Help


Loaded up game this morning as i have done everyday, when game loaded to main Character home page, all the scenery is Black.

My gear score shows 9000. None of the game options work (shop, kingdom etc).
I cant even go to drop down to access settings, account etc.

I play on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

Same as OP.
We need a solution.

I run the game on both iPad and Windows.

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I had this happen a few days ago, . (first time in six months). I was able to force close the game in the background on my android phone restart the game and everything was fine.

I assume people have tried this already but just in case…

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Same as OP, pls merge my topic into this.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Os: Android
Game-Version: Same as OP

Hard reset hasnt worked to solve it!

Edit: Tried to clear the cache, still not working!


Reported this to the team.

In the future @REAPER616_RLGL please only create one thread for an issue to help us get eyes on it as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, can everyone please either edit their post to include your device/console or leave a comment with what you are playing on :sparkles: and your name code if you haven’t already included it!

Created a known issues article:

Should I not get to jump back into this thread before updating the article.

We have released a potential temp fix for players being locked out - this is in the process of being pushed out.
One of the issues was caused by players having Season battles marked as their favourite (an odd one to cause problems) so we have pushed some data to change this in players accounts from Season battles as favourites to the Story battles.

If you notice this change, for now, we advise to not reselect Season battles as a favourite… it is also already displayed on the main screen :sparkles:

This is an initial fix for one part of a number of issues at the moment, so if you still find you are locked out loading PQ3 due to black screen or generally cannot even launch - then unfortunately this was not the fix for your issue and the team is working to resolve these critical issues.

Thank you. The fix has worked.

Much appreciated :blush:

Appreciated, yes. But what about a compensation for everyone losing a whole day of gaming because of this @Jeto ? Or is this still a thing?

(Jumping in while Jeto is out) We are waiting for a Hotfix to be approved at the moment that addresses the little cluster of issues around Adventure. We’re hoping we will get the greenlight to release that in the next couple of days, then sorting out any Adventure scheduling and comp needed shortly after that!
Thanks (as always) for bearing with us.

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