IOS season archive

When I select any season archive game or season 2.0 on IOS, a black screen turns on and no download occurs. If you restart Puzzle Quest, then the game lobby does not load. It goes away by itself after about one hour. Everything is fine on PC. It started two days ago.

Hey @s-radon

Couple of questions

  • What version of PQ3 do you currently have downloaded?
  • What model iOS device are you using? And is it running the latest software?
  • Is PQ3 completely closed on your PC before loading it on your mobile?


  • Version of PQ3 — 2.0.127311
  • Iphone XR, IOS 14.0, but the first 2-3 weeks there were no complaints about the game
  • Yes

And no issues in any other Battle game mode?
Does this happen no matter where you access Seasons from? For example, from the main screen icon on the left, via Battles > Seasons

No issues in any other Battle game mode. The “Shop” button also does not work (nothing happens), when you click on the “Bazaar” button, the game freezes.
This happens no matter where I access Seasons from.
So for Shop, Bazaar and Seasons I have to use PC, for the rest Mobile.

Can I have your name code, so I can grab your account data?
In the meantime, have you already attempted to reinstall on your device?

Of course, I reinstalled several times.

Does this still occur between using wi-fi and using mobile data?

And upon reinstalling are you selecting ‘download all assets’ if it appears?

Just tested on a teammates phone, also ios, they get the black screen but after a minute the download is completed.