Any update on the inventory changes

Just wondering if there is any update on the upcoming changes to inventory space -Both overview of solution and timing?

I don’t want to unnecessarily junk items that might be interesting to alt-heroes if there is an imminent change (increase) to storage space - so any general overview of timings would be most welcome

  • not actually going to happen
  • just keep playing and changes will come in due course
  • update has already been summitted so any minute now

The inventory rework is supposed to be coming with the 1.2 update, but there’s still radio silence on that as the update is still too far away for anything to be announced publicly.

Best estimate for the update is likely the Tuesday after Season 1.1 ends which would be the first Tuesday in July, as there needs to be a client update pushed for the Season 1.2 content to sent out to players. Think of this as the off-week between GoW campaigns where Tower of Doom runs (such as this week).

As that date is still 4 weeks away, it’s likely 2-3 weeks still before any teaser information will be released about the update as the devs will not communicate any information on the changes before they are finalized.

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They also do not communicate any information on changes after they are pushed out if it’s not favorable to players. Another company policy.

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