Give weapons their own storage space so we can use the cosmetics

Changes in version 0.35 seems to have made weapons more common to find in chests while also making them less needed. With changes done to PvP, only around 10 weapons would be needed to partake in all PvP tournaments, down from around 75, and 15-20 to do all dungeon objects.

Despite this, there is still a weapon storage shortage. The main reason for this is weapons are the only equipment item in the game that cosmetically changes the hero, yet it has to share the storage space with 11 other equipment items that do not have this visual function.

Seems weird to code an entire cosmetic system for an equipment type, but then have the storage for such cosmetics have to compete with all the other needed equipment items in the game that don’t cosmetically change anything, but are still required for gameplay.

Weapons having their own full sized storage like spell, pets, etc. would help fix this and would free up dozens of storage from equipment.


I wondered what happened. I received 12 weapons mostly green from the recent lot of minion opened chests. Before it was maybe 1 if that.

So droprate likely increased for weapons.

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Interesting. I have just assumed that armor would eventually be skinned, too. I figured only weapons show now because we are in the early stages of the game.

Are people actually using weapons strictly for appearance?

Honestly, the easiest solution to the issue is to just raise the gear storage across the board. I personally suffer more in armor storage right now. But everyone is different. This is why I would vote for just increasing the total gear storage. This way the weapon hoarders and armor hoarders can live in harmony. haha

I’m ok with storage being finite. But 75 max is too low. Since the changes to pvp I think 100 max would probably be fine for just about everyone. Even if they back loaded it so you got larger jumps in storage at the end of the gaard evolutions.

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