Auto-Play vs Real Fight

Auto-Play is a function that I appreciate and that I use sometimes when I am doing other things.

However, I do not agree that it is used to gain experience and crests. Some players can spend all day just loading battles (and that’s good for them) but it’s not fair that they receive “experience” like others who fight and actually follow the battle.

The same thing regarding crests. I think that this way we would have a more balanced competition and in which the evolution of players and kingdoms would have more to do with real participation.


But, levelling up your character, acquiring/evolving your gear and creating a clever loadout were all hard work in the first place, so why not enjoy the fruits of your labour?

It’s like setting up a business; you put the graft in at the start, and then give yourself a breather when it’s in a place that it can run itself, to a degree.


Yup correct.

The people using auto play still have to be in game constantly to collect and load next fight every few seconds, not like they AFK all day long gaining unfair xp and crests and if they are doing it all day, good for them, they are lucky to have that luxury i guess.

Its the same as saying its unfair for people who sit at home all day to be playing PQ3 when others have to work lol.


Yeah its also highly unfair that some ppl are beautyful, or others have a talent for soccer or a good singing voice …
Ok, regarding the game, some are born rich and can pay everything they want ingame, we should exclude them from leaderboards, highly unfair. We even should exclude all that pay for the game, highly unfair towards the ones that can not.
And we should exclude the more clever ones, the faster ones, the ones with faster internet and Pcs and the ones with high end mobiles.
We also should exclude Higure, he knows too much about the game, extremly unfair.
I have an even better idea. We should limit the playtime of anybody to the time Jonas can spent per day or better per night … that would be fair!

Edit: Serious now, as everybody can use the autoplay function and everybody can play the game on mobile additionally to Pc or console … you just can use autoplay all day long … if you want and if its worth the time to you. Just do it!


Experience gained from actual participation in a battle cannot be equal to that awarded in Auto Play. So let’s keep everything as it is and let’s reward those who are doing the battles directly with more experience.

Players who have already reached a level that allows them to Auto-Play on maximum difficulty are already enjoying the fruits of their previous work and with all due credit, they can continue to do all of this. For a Kingdom to win a season in Auto Play doesn’t make much sense, so I propose the same solution, keep everything as it is and give more crests to those who are in Real Play


As we already discussed in the global chat, I am against the initial suggestion of not receiving experience while using autoplay. As others as said, it takes time, effort and resources to get a good build that can use autoplay effectively. The last suggestion of rewarding a plus to the battles done without autoplay seems better since it is a reward for those who don’t use autoplay, instead of a punishment for those that use it.

However, I just thought of something important. Using autoplay does have already a penalty, since the AI plays much worse that ourselves. As an example, in my case the difference of playing myself or autoplaying is more or less taking twice the amount of time at the same difficulty level, or needing to go down to half the difficulty level for the same amount of battle time. In terms of experience, that means that autofarming will give me half the amount of experience that I could get by playing myself. A player that only autoplays getting half the amount of experience than a player that spends the same time playing themselves isn’t already fair?

In the case of crests it is true that if I were to chose to run autoplay at half the difficulty level I would still get them at a similar pace as if I was playing myself (there is a limit to how short a battle can be), but the penalty of getting less experience and worse chests is still there.


If you use autoplay for very fast fights e.g. for farming its no real gain of time, cause you have to click the next fight, next dialogue etrc. every minute. Its just a weapon against burnout, cause doing very easy fights is just boring, nothing else. I think thats the main reason that it is there.
No need to change anything here, its good as it is and prevents many ppl from leaving the game.

The real problem Jonas has and why we have this thread here is Free Folks place in ladder and that he actually sees no way to get to the top of this ladder. He prooved that many times in chat and tells us nearly every day how unfair it seems to him that other KDs did use their brains and a lot of time and effort to get were they are and that its nearly impossible to ever again get to the top of that ladder with a single kingdom. But I guess most ppl have no problem with the fact that the best organized and most comhelping KD of this game also rules the ladder, so as said, no need to change anything here.

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I have nothing against players who enjoy being here collecting pieces of equipment and who have their own personal goals. Many are just chatting and others just want to have all the mythical build. Everyone can enjoy it however they can and want.

I enjoy the whole game in general and continue to see it as a game and not a pastime and so of course I advocate and ask for changes that improve the experience from a competitive point of view.

I have already explained my reasons, which are more altruistic than everything else with which I was refuted. I am defending a more competitive and interesting game, most of the others defend their comfort and advantageous situation.

I will not continue to respond to this subject here because it is annoying to see my words distorted and false comments or psychological motivations to be presented instead of arguments.

The best arguments are those ppl dont react to …

I think this is a discussion board, not an argument board, isn’t it?

If the Autoplay battles were over instantly like a Kemco JRPG, then maybe I could see some basis for the suggestion….but they’re not. They still take time and some (limited) human input, especially if you’re Autoplaying harder levels.

I’d complete all PVP battles on Autoplay given the chance. I sincerely don’t see the attraction to making life unnecessarily difficult for yourself. :confused:

@TRJoker not all of us can use a single account on mobile as well as console….Playstation users can’t use their accounts on mobile platforms, more’s the pity.

I think you’re already nerfing yourself using autoplay because it is really stupid, it barely uses spells, when there’s an opportunity to stun by making a row, 9 out of 10 times it’ll rather break the line immediately.
Also when you got lots of speed it’ll turn gems forever until there aren’t any moves left instead of just collecting mana and end turn… I swear I can play 3x faster than autoplay does. I use it a lot though, one screen for the game and another one for videos but most fights I do the 1st turn myself and when I want to really focus on what I’m watching, it’s not rare that autoplay kills my char because it’s so brain dead…
Dying with all spells loaded for 5 turns, aligning all the skulls on screen when the enemy gets reflect, any mistake you can imagine autoplay does it.

If anything I wish autoplay could become smarter.

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@Swivel Thx for the info regarding PS, did not know that. Hope for all PS users and for the Dev they can and will change that, cause to be honest, without autoplay (on mobile), I would have stopped playing latest after second month.

@Kojar I also often did ask myself how one can code such a “stupid” AI that does not use the most basic rules of well playing, as not building rows and colums, dont use spells even if its clear that they will be full next round again and so on.
But meanwhile I think this is by force, not by lack of knowledge or coding skill.
Its to prevent ppl from always using autoplay and only to use it for farming and playing much easier content that themselves would be able to do, and this job it does mostly well.
I am not sure if I like it or not, but at least it makes sense from this point of view.
Btw, I do same then you meanwhile for harder content , I use a mix of Jokerskills and autoplay and this mostly works also for harder content, I just do it the other way round.
AI begins the fight, I end it if necessary.

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