Autoplay feedback

I wanted to move the autoplay discussion into its own thread so it doesn’t get lost. To me autoplay in it’s current state is incredibly poor, and the misuse. (Botting) with it needs to be addressed. My thoughts from the 1.2 launch post are below:

Autoplay (if desired as a feature…) should allow you to look away for more than a few seconds. Presently, using the example of event dungeons:

  1. Click on battle (wait 3-5 seconds)
  2. Click on rest and recover
  3. Click on autoplay (15 to 30 seconds of awkward autoplaying)
  4. Click on rest and recover
  5. (15 - 30 seconds of awkward autoplaying)
  6. Tap victory screen

Rinse and repeat…. Overall, you spend perhaps 30 seconds clicking through screens and waiting for loading and autoplay plays for perhaps 30 to 60 seconds. The “game” is now gone whereas you now just have to press menu buttons all day.

What if you look away or actually focus on something else? It stalls. I would know, I just spent 10 minutes doing a single event dungeon.

It’s a similar situation for dungeons. The only thing that feels “sort of” worth it is doing easy skirmishes.

Now the big kicker, it’s really inefficient and boring, BUT there is a perfect solution to deal with inefficiency and boredom - use an auto clicker while doing anything else.

Long story short: this implementation of autoplay is relatively useless for the casual user, but will lead to an absurd imbalance of botters.

How will you counteract this?


This feature does need its own thread for discussion.

I thought this feature was not a good idea when it was first in the release notes but I’ve actually come to very much enjoy it. I am free time poor between working and my family. I have found this feature useful to complete the easier daily challenges whilst doing something else at the same time. I have also found it useful for doing some hunts or dungeons when my chest slots are all empty and I don’t have time to actually play the game to fill them up.

I guess I’m doing harder or more complex battles than Wokel, or using a different setup, as it can take over a minute before the rest or recover option comes up and some of my skirmishes have taken several minutes to complete with auto play.

I have also wandered about the possibility for abuse of this function if someone uses an auto clicker thing as well. It would be possible to be running battles 24 hours a day! Maybe the auto play feature should be a maximum of 50 autoplays a day? Is that a reasonable number?

NOTE: Possible bug. Autoplay got to a situation where there were no moves that could be made and the end turn diamond was at the top of the screen but it got hung there. ( I have auto end turn disabled in the settings)

This is a big concern. A auto clicker can just blow through skirmishes like crazy.

The downgrade in exp compared to the what a bot could do is worth it if you truly didnt want to play.

Luckily at the moment getting to crazy levels doesnt have as much impact but it could.

I sorta like it, but there absolutely needs to be a system to prevent 24/24 botting. Perhaps a max amount of like 100 battles / day, or only give xp for the first 100/day.

I also think there should be a system to prevent 24/24 botting. But to set reasonable limits is not easy.
Please consider that I am actually making about 600 crests and 3000 XP per day. If you assume an average of 15 XP per battle it is 200 battles a day. And I also did even more at some days.
Therefore a restriction on number of battles a day is not the best solution.

I think they can easily track which battles people used autoplay on at any time. Those should be the limited ones imo :smile:

I think it’s fine as is.

To address some of the complaints:

  1. It is meant to be used for “easy” battles. They even said they did not recommend its use above that.

  2. The “I can only leave it alone for a few seconds.” That is somewhat false. It is your device that goes to sleep. Sure the game also clocks out when you ignore it for long but I have not had that happen myself while it is on autopilot. As to in between battles, I rather it stop and let me choose the intermission item.

  3. I’m not so concerned about the 24/7 botting abuse of the autoplay feature. The autoplay feature stops after each battle. If a player uses a bot to abuse the feature, I’m confident that he will eventually be caught and his account terminated. If it is friends/family taking turns playing same account, they would have done it without the autoplay.

I enjoy challenging battles so I rather play during those times and leave easy battles to autoplay. It allows me to get some work done (such as video learning, reading, cleaning, washing, etc). It would be stupid for the devs to allow players to just totally ignore the battles for a lengthy period of time.

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I’m not complaining about the feature itself, it can be nice, its just very easy to abuse, even i could set something up in 1 minute with an autoclicker, and i’m not very good with computers.
I’m not sure what’s best, a max amount of battles/day or some form of diminishing return after x hours, but something in place to discourage botting would be nice. No need to find/ban people then

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There are people in this game abusing auto clickers already since before auto play was introduced. I’ve posted it to CX here on the forums but I’ve never got a reply back so I’m assuming they don’t really care