Autobattle feature for replay

Is there a feature that skips the whole dialect and moves straight on to the next battle autorun. i feel like there should be one when you’re replaying old seasons i know it stops to give you a chest but im at the point where i dont need these chests and just want to continue the run without being interrupted.


I think I’ve asked for this previously. I would like the option to skip all dialogue screens.
I don’t care about the story. I just want to play.


I think the automatic battle we have is enough. I think it’s good that it’s necessary to interact with the game. If we automate too much we stop playing and we are just collecting prizes and tokens and coffers. This game requires some patience to equip the hero and for my part it’s fine.


Would be a bonus, if transferring to mobile was possible then i wouldn’t mind but playing on console having to move the cursor multiple times to continue is a little frustrating it works out an additional 30 seconds of time being wasted between those and the loading screen.