Restart button after loosing battle

I have searched for similar thread but seems nobody came up with this one.

tl;dr: I wish battle summary window had two buttons: [Restart battle] & [Return to lobby]

Two last updates made the battle load twice that long, and after latest rebalance starting the same battle is way more often. I loose too much time for:

  1. waiting until the battle ends - the same animation for 102937192486 time -
  2. waiting until I see getting 1xp anim again
  3. get back to lobby, waiting until it loads
  4. start battle again → confirm that I want to fight
  5. wait until the battle loads
  6. repeat from 1. dozen or so times

Two battles and I have enough of playing this game when 3/4 of time I’m loosing on watching anims, and waiting until battle/lobby loads only to get a deadly critical hit at the beginning of a fight.

Restarting the battle could juest reload it going straght from point 2 to 5, as the monsters are randomly chosen after 2-3 battles.


Why are you losing battles, aren’t you good? :wink:

I agree that we spend waaaay too much time navigating through windows. Its been improved, but its still an issue. Some of my thoughts:

  1. Chest opening sequence is still time-consuming and disappointing.
  2. The fact that battles are generally short means lots of menu navigation. Perhaps new (longer) gameplay modes or allow us to somehow piggyback different types of matches without restarting the process (i.e., battle again button in victory screen)
  3. Reducing animation times was an amazing improvement.
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Hey, thanks for the feedback. I think this is a good idea re: the replay battle OR go back to lobby to give you the choice to save time.

We’re also passing on feedback about the time different screens and sequences take in general as well.

I will pass it onto the team for consideration, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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I’m getting all the time worthless [not to say crappy] gear. I’m taking the same dunegon 3rd week in a row and guess what: shadow ring lvl1 over & over & over again. Not a single 3rd lvl shadow item.
BUT! I did get one lvl4 sword, and something on 5th lvl - don’t remember what exaclty.
Non of those items useful for my current build.
The better, for over 5 months I did get only 1 wand.
Literally one.
Lvl one >_<

don’t you try to say git gud or die trying
Can’t play 24/7 :laughing: