[Reported] Server lag after battle ends

Platform, device and operation system
*Eg, Android vastking

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
*After battle, whether success or death, screen stops. In the case of success, screen advances to the chest but cannot open. In death, screen cannot advance. After closing app and restarting, app goes back to the final moment of battle, complete with death sounds, then advances to next screen.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is happening on the holiday weekend late evening and into the night.

Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?

Steps to make it happen again
I’d guess this to be a high traffic issue. I want to report this so you know where the hang up happens and can address your programming there.

Please detail the steps taken to trigger this bug. The more detailed the breakdown, the easier it is for us to test in-house.

Sorry, these pictures need to be in reverse order.


Upon restart are you able to interact with the reward screen?

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If you get in in a reasonable time you can still interact but I have had similar issues and this weekend login has failed for hours at a time. And after 20 to 30 minutes of trying I give up.

Having this issue as well as of today, when attempting to interact with the chest rewards. Game hangs with the spinning icon, requiring a restart. Upon restart, I can interact with the chest normally.

Yes, exactly as Sibelios stated. That’s what my first pic was supposed to represent, it was supposed to be the third picture. I uploaded them in reverse order by mistake

This is happening for every battle for me today so far. It also lagged out collecting from my followers.

Same after challenges. Close app restart goes back to where I was. (amended yeah every battle now)

Happening for me too.

I’m now stuck on the initial game loading screen at “loading assets” after restarting for the 20th time

I’ve been having a ton of “game frozen” issues as well. I’m not sure they are all the same. I’ve seen Melonfresh’s “loading assets” issue, that seemed to go on loop. After a reset, I could do what I needed… for a bit and then the game would freeze again with the “loading assets” message and reset would fix it again… for a bit. Rinse and repeat about 5 times.

I’ve also been seeing some lag after battles with the spinning wheel. Most the time, if I just wait, it resolves itself, but is still pretty annoying. However, it seems about 20% of the time for me, waiting doesn’t resolve it. It’s hard to know how long to wait. If I wait more than a couple minutes, it starts to feel like I should have just restarted the game because it would have been quicker.

The vast majority of my game freeze issues have been somehow related to salvaging things. Salvage a chest that I choose to not open – game freezes. Open a chest and salvage an item from the list of drops – game freezes. Salvage an item from the gear screen – game freezes.

No exaggeration, I’ve probably had to restart the game 40-50 times in the last 2 days due to the game freezing. I’ve played a lot this weekend :). The upside is that in almost all situations, it takes me back to where I need to be and let’s me complete whatever I was doing. I don’t appear to be losing anything. That’s great. The downside is that, at least for me, the game appears to be noticeably less stable than it was before… although as I mentioned, almost everything I’ve been seeing has been somehow tied to salvaging. So, maybe it’s not as much a stability issue as it is some bug in the process.

I’d like to add an observation that might be helpful…

Lagging and freezing is happening intermittently, all over. However, for me at least, the daily challenge skirmishes are the area where it happens after every single battle, when interacting with the chest reward. It has happened every single time since the update. It also always requires restarting the game. In addition, these restarts always seem to take longer than normal.

I can say that the quick skirmishes seem to work normally. I also do not get the issue with the challenge dungeons. Just the skirmishes.

Interesting for me it varied greatly and originally the previous even was just challenges dungeons and skirmishes then today when it did happen seem to be almost every battle. When restarted I was able to interact with the reward screen.

Happens every day, multiple times. I have to restart the app to resume. Frustrating…

This issue is happening broadly across a large number of players and repeatedly, multiple times a day. Any updates to this issue?


+1 to this issue
It has gotten significantly worse over the past couple of days

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Another day, and again all 3 daily skirmish challenges became unresponsive when interacting with chest rewards. Again this was the only mode where I encountered this. I did have another freeze during a dungeon but not at the chest interaction point.

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Today in a challenge skirmish, I died. Repeatedly. 100% of the deaths resulted in the game needing a restart with the restart commencing at the death and failure icon. This makes the game suck since you can’t experiment with new strategies or hoping for luck, because failure is a 100% chance of restart and viewing the failure again (I want to move on, not relive it). I switched to easier matches and got about a 50% need to restart, but I didn’t keep track of which was a skirmish and which was a dungeon, so I don’t know if that is affected by this problem. Still, perhaps this 100% failure rate can help you isolate the glitch on your end?

Hey there everyone!

Thank you for all the information you’ve provided on this. I’ve submitted a report with the Dev Team to get this looked in to and fixed.

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