[REPORTED] Event dungeon restart into start screen, token lost

Platform, device and operation system

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Playing the event dungeon after the first battle, the game started having loading issues and within about 10 seconds restarted automatically. This does not happen often to me, usually the load screen stays for minutes is I let it after reset.

I expected to end up back in the battle. I did not, token was also gone so now I am 1700 points behind the others while I spent a bunch of gems to place first.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

FIrst time. I know dungeons now time out on people. This battle did not time out. I know dungeons restart at the last battle screen same as PvP and I guess skirmish when the game has to restart unless the time to the restart is longer (i.e. I could not log in for a while).

This time the game only loaded for 10 seconds and restarted on me. I did only use cellular and turned wifi on when the game started loading. However, this does not time out a normal dungeon (I am not going to try on another token in the event dungeon)

Steps to make it happen again
I am not going to try on another token in the event dungeon, maybe next event.

I had it freeze on me yesterday. When I loaded game back up it brought back to main menu instead of the battle. All loot, sigil, and score lost.

So it likely is a bug and not something weird with my cellular and wifi. I wasn’t sure as it happened for the first time and did surprise me.

I wonder whether restarting generally does not load back into the event dungeon as opposed to the other game modes - not that I will try this this event though.

Lots of reports of server errors and restarts as well as lost tokens in several threads regarding events. You are not alone.


This seems similar to an issue I reported, where other players got to the Dungeon boss and upon the Victory screen is where the crash occurs.

As opposed to it restarting automatically, as you describe @Elric

I’ll add this to my report and pass this along to the team.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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Possible. I did see the report on the crashing on the victory screen. This one was weird to me as the game just all out cut out and restarted. Usually it hangs up, and does that more so sometimes than others. And as noted restart places back into the fray and not the start screen unless too much time passed. Dunno.

But the instability is definitely more annyoing when tokens or time playing a dungeon are lost as opposed to the time it takes to restart and just keep going or play a single screen again.

yeahh, it happen to me too, after freeze when we’re back in game, token already lost and battle ending, i think back to battle board but it didn’t

I hope it will fix soon

This just happened to me as well. Daily dungeon. I believe it is the third time it has happened. Unfortunately the way the scoring is set up, you lose out on most rewards or have to throw away 100 gems to recover.