[Reported] Season 1.5 battle error - lost token

While doing today’s first Season 1.5 battle, against the second enemy, a error code appeared, the game restarted and I lost my token. The same happened with the second battle (I haven’t done the third, I don’t want to lose my third token too). Both battles were against enemies from the third chapter. Yesterday’s battle were against first and second chapter enemies and gave me no problems. Here are the errors:


No idea if this is related but it’s a season 1.5 STORY battle error. Chapter 3 part 8 fight 2 (assuming there were 2 fights to chapter 8) I had made 1 set of moves in AP mode and this appeared on the screen forcing a restart.

EDIT: I used tokens for my daily battles so didn’t run in to this problem there.

Third battle just to check. Again, chapter 3 dungeon. I kill the first enemy, I finish my turn against the second enemy and again the game crashes. No runeshakers for me today due to this bug. I hope this can be fixed quickly.

I had the same issue yesterday doing dungeons for season battle. Using a skip ticket for the 1st battle was fine, however got error message the other two times:
The game experienced an error. Please retry, or use this code for reference: RE-LPKF8MQK.
The game experienced an error. Please retry, or use this code for reference: RE-JE5DGMJC.

Hey all,

It appears this error comes from fighting against Living Statue, as all the error codes against this enemy bring up the same code on my side. Looks like a fix for this should be coming through today.

@shmaunpq, yours is against the Manticore and is a different error but also looking to be resolved today!

I’ve passed both of them on to the team to look into further!

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