[Investigating] Match doesn't end, I lose a token

This match was a Season 1.5 dungeon battle token match. Two glitches happened:

  1. The gems did this weird stuff a few times during the match.
  2. When I got knocked out, the game would not complete the round or give me the option to revive myself. I could still interact (open menus, etc.), but I just couldn’t progress any further to actually end the match. This has happened a couple of times, resulting in me not being able to use the token to get seasonal currency. Any chance the developers could institute a “safety” check so that if the game crashes, we get the token back?

See now there’s your problem, your hero has become a rock!

What is your name code @AeonNhiyr so I can grab your game data to pass along with this screenshot and see if we can get that Season battle attempt back to you.
Or can you send through a support ticket and then if we have any follow up questions one of the team can message you directly!

@Jeto ahaha I didn’t even notice that!!! I always thought my Feline Mercenary “rocked”, but I didn’t think she rocked so much she actually turned into a rock, LOL

I’ll go ahead and submit a ticket! :smiley: :+1: Thank you Jeto!

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