[Investigating] Season 2.2 Dark Path dungeon keeps crashing

PS4 player, had this happen 3 to 4 times now. Wasn’t going to report it at first, but starting to get very annoyed by it. Bought the Platinum pass and I play it on high difficulty, difficulty 9 currently. Anyway towards the end of the battle, it becomes glitched after I kill the enemy and they just stand there with 0 life. Nothing I can do, no options other than to just wait for the time out or retreat and forfeit the battle. I feel like I’m I or the community as a whole is owed some sort of compensation for this. I’m forced to use skirmish tickets and get junk I don’t want, instead of playing all the battles and risking constant freeze or glitch and therefore lose the battle and waste my time (and tickets).

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Couple of things:

  • Any error messages or does the screen remain blank?
  • What actions are taken before this occurs? Such as is the enemy attacking or are you, what spell was cast prior or what match was made etc.

I have the auto-play on for it, and am talking in chat and responding to messages and what not. Basically the screen goes blank when enemy health is at zero but the match doesn’t proceed to go forward.

No error messages, just no option to do anything other than look at stats or retreat.

Can you explain further the “…and what not” ?
Just so I can give an accurate report to our development team on what is occurring and possible steps for us to try and reproduce this on our side.

When you do exist and return does it forfeit the match every time or are you sometimes able to rejoin the battle?

Also, are you opening chat when the enemy is taking damage/dying or just chat is open generally throughout the battle?

By what not, I just mean I’m not paying attention to the fight very much, stepping away to eat or clean the kitchen or away for part of it. I get people pming me all the time, so I’ll look at them during the fight sometimes, same with the chat window. And the glitch doesn’t happen every time, but enough to be annoying. I’ve also been using alot of skirmish tickets to avoid the issue altogether, even though I’d rather just be farming it normally. Your only option when it happens is to retreat or maybe exit the game and hope it resumes where it left off when you load back up. In this case, I retreated from the battle after having no real other apparent options to choose from.

Thanks for that information!

It looks like there was a fix for something similar to this in 2.3, so please let me know if once you update if this occurs again?
In the meantime, what is your name code?

ETHANVANSHAMAN_DDT1 (the last one is either a 1 or a capital I, I think its a one though?).

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Thanks so much for sending that through, it is an ‘I’ at the end of your name code by the way! :sparkles:

Thanks, much appreciated.

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