[Ticket Submitted] Locking up on Season 1.1 Chapter 1 Part 7 - Steam

I often get locked up on this screen, same fight every time.

Season 1.1
Hard Mode
Chapter 1
Part 7
Always the level 57 Dark Dwarf fight.

The gems in the bottom right just change over and over. If I leave it be I get a 5 minute timeout warning, and after another 5 minutes it will give me the 30 minute end of battle message.

I have to restart the steam client when this happens, and the fight loads without issue.
This does not happen on this same account on Android.

I finally captured the error right before.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the team but is this still happening after reset today?

I have been avoiding that season, but I will test again and get back to you.

Same issue still. I saw the out of sync error as well. I think it has something to do with the story dialog that happens prior to this fight.

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Have you reinstalled and cleared cache/verified files since this started happening?

Another player had a similar issue (but on a different platform) but it was resolved after reinstalling.

That was the first thing I did.

I will try this and retest.

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Same thing again. It does not do it every time through though.

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@00h00m can you jump into this battle, whenever you have a chance, and then send through the player.log in a ticket, please.

We haven’t able to reproduce it, and the other issues we’ve resolved recently have been similar but different enough that those fixed don’t seem to have resolved it for you as well.

On it… @Jeto where is the player.log file located?

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OH YES… that would be helpful to know :upside_down_face:

Paste this into your File Explorer:

%APPDATA%/../LocalLow/505 Games/Puzzle Quest 3/

Then there should be a Player.log file at the bottom of the folder

I can’t seem to reproduce the issue now. I will get you the player log if it happens again.

Finally got it to repeat. I will submit the ticket now.

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